The My Story Method

How To Create a Compelling About Me Page Designed To Attract Your Perfect Prospect! | taught by Barbie Figueroa
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Barbie Figueroa
Barbie Figueroa

About the instructor

Branding Small Businesses and Individuals for over 10 years, and having Personal Success in Both Online Marketing & the Direct Sales Industry, Barbie Has the Personal Experience to Teach You how to Build Your Small Business Online Using Attraction Marketing Methods.

Barbie Figueroa

Have You Ever Struggled with Hard Selling? Tired of Chasing Unqualified Prospects on the Internet To Look at what you have to offer? Have You Ever Wondered why Some people Buy or Join from someone else and Not You?

Inside of the My Story Method Ebook You will discover the 1 Thing that Makes You Unique and Separates You from others in Your Niche doing exactly what you are doing and How to Attract What Seems like your 'Long Lost Twin' That is Ready and Eager to Work With You or Buy From You!

Turn Your 'About Me' Page into a Silent Sales Person, Designed to Attract Your 'Long Lost Twin'.

It's Really No Secret that people don't like to be sold, but they love to buy and they love to buy from people that they 'Like, Know and Trust'.

How Can We get people that have Never Met us in Person, to trust us over the internet?

Quite Simply,

Sharing Stories.

Stories help people connect and relate, and when people can connect and relate, as long as you are offering a solution to their problems, they are more likely to buy it from You.

This 30 Page Ebook + BONUS Video & WORKSHEET will outline the 6 Fool Proof Steps to Creating a Compelling About Me Page on Your Blog that Inspires people to Relate, Know, Like and Trust You.

Using the exact same formula I share in this book allowed me to attract over 30 people into a Network Marketing Company I was aligned with and helped me Make my first first $3,000 Commission Online


"Until I made the decision to take the plunge and complete my about me page my web site had absolutely zero interaction. Step 1 was tackling the project, step 2 was scratching my head as to where to start! Thank goodness for Barbie and her amazing talent for helping entrepreneur to build their biz! After purchasing Barbie's My Story Method and following her step by step instructions I put together a kick ass About Me page! I can't wait to sink my teeth in the next course!~ Alana Johnson

Course Contents

1 Video
2 PDFs
1.0 hr